An Anatomie is back!

Posted: 19/04/16
Tags: Theatre, Performance, Clod Ensemble

...Originally commissioned by Sadler's Wells and since performed at the Wales Millennium Centre, this time around An Anatomie in Four Quarters is at the heart of Week 53, The Lowry's inaugural festival of innovative national and international work.

The anatomy of The Lowry’s 1,700 seat Lyric Theatre will be dissected, and an audience of only 200 invited to explore the auditorium and stage as an international cast of dancers and musicians present Clod Ensemble’s celebration of the structure of the human form. Set to an original score including live strings, percussion and voice, An Anatomie in Four Quarters is a performance on the move, with the audience experiencing radically different viewing positions throughout the theatre. The production draws on a rich history of anatomical study and drawings, from the Renaissance anatomists to x-ray film footage of the human skeleton - An Anatomie in Four Quarters investigates human beings’ insatiable desire to get closer to things and discover what lies beneath the skin.

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