Will Adamsdale

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“Adamsdale is creating a body of work that rides roughshod over the boundaries between comedy and theatre” The Guardian

Will Adamsdale is performer, deviser and writer. He won a Perrier Award in 2004 and a Fringe First in 2006.

Why we work with Will Adamsdale

We met Will when he was devising a show called Faster with Filter Theatre. He came to us with a crazy idea that he’d like to try out for 5 minutes in the opening Scratch Night of Octoberfest 2003 (BAC’s then annual festival of experimental performance). It was a pastiche of a motivational speaker called Chris John Jackson. The show became Jackson's Way and won the Perrier comedy award in 2004 just as we were starting Fuel. Will’s quirky observations of modern urban life and his rapport with his audience make us laugh and constantly surprise us.