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New Theatre In Your Neighbourhood

1 Jan - 31 Dec 2015

New Theatre in Your Neighbourhood was a three-year research project from 2013 – 2015, which looked at new ways to tour live performance.

New Theatre in Your Neighbourhood aimed to explore ways in which Fuel could improve the way it tours shows; building stronger relationships with partners, connecting artists and the communities we visit in inspiring and meaningful ways and developing audiences.  It was a chance for us to work out how to tour and present interesting new performance more effectively around the UK.

We worked in partnership with organisations in six areas around England: The Lakeside in Colchester, Malvern Theatres in Malvern, Theatre Royal and The Tom Thumb Theatre in Margate, They Eat Culture in Preston, The Lighthouse in Poole and ARC in Stockton.  We took productions to these places and, in collaboration with Maddy Costa, hosted workshops and post-show events with artists. We sent artists on missions to these places, to help us get under the skin of the place and to begin the process of commissioning shows specifically for that place.

We want to create a following for contemporary theatre: one that is sustainable, growing and ever-changing.

We want to open up opportunities for artists to explore different starting points for their shows rooted in the community. The legacy of this will underpin how Fuel can make new, high quality and adventurous shows in the future, and how we tour existing shows, that these communities will enjoy.

We want to enable our partners to continue these conversations and local collaborations throughout the year, opening themselves up to new audiences and facilitating a richer, deeper cultural exchange in their constituencies.

We shared our discoveries, thoughts and experiences, artists missions and neighbourhood reviews through the New Theatre in Your Neighbourhood blog.

We’d love you to join in the conversation.

Funded by Arts Council England and the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.


"A brilliant and vibrant musical score; excellent live performance...It grabs your attention from the outset and doesn't let go! Completely innovative original and unlike anything I have seen before."

Nigel - new audience member at Malvern Theatres for 'Zero' by Clod Ensemble.

"Emotionally challenging but great being involved, I felt comfortable being there surprisingly."

Nicole - new audience member at ARC, Stockton for 'Love Letters Straight From Your Heart' by Uninvited Guests

"The last 3 years I have been deaf and unable to go to the theatre…caption performances are so wonderful for me and to have one in my hometown is fantastic.  I thought it was an excellent play, beautifully acted.  Thank you so much.  We both loved it."

Norma and Dallas - new audience members at Poole for 'The Victorian in the Wall' by Will Adamsdale.

".Absolutely wonderful ! Please bring more work like this to Malvern."

Megan - Malvern Theatres for The Victorian in the Wall by Will Adamsdale

"This was my first experience of this type of performance. I … was soon won over by the honesty and humour and emotion. The stories told weren’t outlandish or extraordinary but were told with grace and power."

Chris - audience member at The Lighthouse Poole for 'The 14th Tale' by Inua Ellams

"I enjoyed the event very much! The venue is great and the effort to put in ambitious performances on in Preston is much appreciated."

New audience member at The Continental, Preston for 'The 14th Tale' by Inua Ellams.

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