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We Are Here: Talk Back with the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants

Director of Fuel
Kate McGrath
JCWI Campaigns and Communications Director
Minnie Rahman
16 Jun 2021

An Evening with an Immigrant post-show talk, 9.05pm on 16 June.

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Join Fuel Director Kate McGrath and the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) Campaigns and Communications Director Minnie Rahman.

Building on what you have seen in An Evening with an Immigrant, this talk will give you a grounding in the UK’s current immigration policy and what you can do to support JCWI’s campaigns. Minnie is a writer and campaigner specialising in migrant’s rights, climate change and social justice.

First performed in 2016, Inua Ellams updates the script of An Evening with an Immigrant as a global change occurs. “I have to keep the text new so it always feels current.”

The show continues to be meaningful to audiences in multiple ways; those with their own immigration or migration stories connect on a personal level while others gain understanding and insight into the issues around immigration through the personal experiences shared by Inua.

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JCWI in its own words:

For more than half a century, JCWI has been challenging policies that lead o discrimination, destitution and the denial of rights. And we’ve been providing much-needed legal and advisory services to the people who need them most. We’ve helped tens of thousands of people secure their status, keep their families together and escape poverty. And we’ve consistently been one of the leading voices for a fairer, more just immigration system that works for everyone.

We Are Here is the JCWI campaign for simple, workable reforms to help break the cycle of insecure immigration status.

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Please note: A portion of the zoom with the panelists will be recorded to be shared-attendees and q and a will not be recorded. If you have any questions about this please contact