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Directed by
Paul Clarke
Performed by
Neil Callaghan, Richard Duffy and Jessica Hoffmann
Sound by
Duncan Speakman
Main Image by
Manuel Vason
3 Feb 2006

Project History

Fuel presents Aftermath

Aftermath was a 6-hour durational performance. You could stay as long as you liked, witnessed as much or as little as you wanted, and sit or stand where you chose.

Trained by a TV make-up artist, Uninvited Guests lovingly fabricate bloody wounds on each other’s bodies. Over 6 hours these fake cuts multiplied and proliferated across their skin. Performers became surfaces marked by real and on-screen violence, both a living memorial and a warning of what might be to come. The audience shared in the intimate eroticism of wounds, getting up close and personal, confronting their desire both to look and look away. The live soundtrack was produced by sampling the performers’ internal body sounds. 

Aftermath was performed as part of Arnolfini’s Inbetween Time Festival in 2006. It was the durational sequel to Schlock, which toured nationally in 2004-5.



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