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A Playful Meditation on Magic

Performed by
10 Oct - 7 Mar 2004

Fuel presents A Playful Meditation on Magic

See a trapeze artist risk electrocution during the rigours of mind-suction. Delight in watching projectile pork pass through a consenting adult. Be amazed by a perfectly normal carrot. In an heroic attempt to put the art of conjuring back on the map, the magician and assistant have surpassed themselves in this, their most daring production to date. A playful investigation into the mechanics of the magic show. Fuelled by an obsessive love of gesture and magical paraphernalia, the Magician and Assistant swagger from one lovingly crafted illusion to the next. But nerves are raw and telling cracks appear, exposing bleak and unsavoury secrets beneath the glitter. A Playful Meditation on Magic is an offbeat comedy, an intimate patchwork of exploded stage illusions, neurotic experiments, hyperbole, and panic.

Funded by Arts Council England.


""An utter delight from start to finish.""

Glasgow Herald

""Visually rich... very funny and expertly produced. The future looks bright for this talented company.""

Edinburgh Guide

""Strange and beautiful, one of our favourite shows." "

Roxby and Alice Purcell, audience members, October 2002

""The best show of 2002.""

Paul Warwick, audience member, October 2002

"“An entertaining hybrid of performance art, magic show, comedy and theatre... a really funny piece.”"

Time Out