Deaf Choir

  • Project: Deaf Choir
  • Artist/Company: Encounter

Currently in development, Deaf Choir will be a new kind of concert.

At first the stage appears classical and controlled, the image is familiar; crisp costumes, a uniformly straight line of warmed-up vocal chords, the scene set for a recognisable and reverential reprise. The chorus begin to sing and we witness the essence of interpretation; not a prescriptive one governed by any number of black dots on however many clefs but a note-by-note reimagining of the score by our singers and, in turn, the dancers.

A chorus of deaf singers will interpret a classical score accompanied by live musicians and, as their unique song of original sounds fill the auditorium, contemporary dancers translate their voices into movement. Turning commonly held perceptions of ‘beautiful’ sounds, ‘professional’ dance and ‘high’ art on their head, this performance aims to challenge what we understand as belonging to the classical tradition.

Deaf Choir will undergo R&D at The Place, London as part of Choreodrome and there will be a sharing of the work in development at Touch Wood.

Image credit: Chris Nash 

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