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ISLAND will tell the story of the different ways in which children and adults translate tragedy.

When an undisclosed traumatic event rips through a town, the carnage left in its wake becomes a sickly poison that slowly pollutes the safety of its once simple sensibility. The primary school children begin to communicate in a collective language known only to them, a strange and dangerous dialect that their parents are unable to decipher. 

A new live performance, directed and choreographed by Jen Malarkey and written by Lee Mattinson, with active participation from Primary age children, Island will explore the ways we are writing our children’s future.

Encounter is being developed throughout Summer and Autumn 2017 with Quarterhouse, Folkestone, as part of their Neon Summer School and with The Place, London, as part of Choreodrome and the Touch Wood sharings. 

Photo credits: Reuben Ross

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