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Digital Event
14 Dec - 30 Jan 2021


THIRST TRAP is a collaboration between Rachael Young, composer Alicia Jane Turner, dramaturg Season Butler, and a cohort of researchers and real people who are affected by climate change in 2020. Part-narrative and part-meditation, THIRST TRAP will be a 30 min...
15 Jan - 30 Jan 2021

The Body Remembers

The Body Remembers is a solo performance that uses movement, projection, and a series of audio testimonies created and performed by Heather Agyepong, co-created by Imogen Knight (movement) and Gail Babb (dramaturgy). The technique of Authentic Movement has allowed Heather...
1 Apr - 10 Apr 2021


Conceived by young women from Common Wealth's Speakers Corner Collective, Peaceophobia is about challenging the political, social, and cultural narratives surrounding young Muslim men. Part theatre show, part car rally, Peaceophobia addresses the hostility and misunderstanding surrounding Islam. If Islam...