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Taylor's Dummies by Gecko
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  • Project: Taylor's Dummies
  • Artist/Company: Gecko

“A little miracle of invention ... a supremely slick and stylish piece of physical theatre.” The Guardian

Imagine Vertigo, directed by David Lynch and performed by De La Guarda to the riffs of 50s jazz.

A chance encounter with a mysterious woman throws Taylor's world into turmoil. Eloquently crafted to music, Taylor's Dummies plumbs the depths of male desire, though a series of visual scenes that are both stunning and deeply emotional. Sharp suited performers walk up wall and fly throught he air, life-sized dummies come to life, and a baby doll sings 'Fly Me to the Moon'.

An overwhelming success with the public and critics alike, Taylor's Dummies is theatre on the cutting edge, mixing high energy physical theatre, quirky humour, and a soundtrack that combines sexy jazz and thrilling live percussion. This acclaimed debut production is for those who love the unexpected and crave an adrenealine hit.

Original Devisors and Performers

Al Nedjari

Amit Lahav

Joseph Traynor

Corinne Pierre

Helen Bagget

David Price

Current Performers

Al Nedjari

Amit Lahav

David Price

Corinne Pierre

James Flynn

Creative Team

Technical Director Stuart Heyes

Composer David Price

Original Lighting Design Ian Scott

Original Design Ruth Finn and the company

Developed at the Lion and Unicorn as part of ROAR 2003 and originally co-produced by BAC in Summer 2003

Critical Acclaim for Taylor's Dummies

"Gecko combines a deliciously warped imaginiation with all-out physical daring...full of beguiling invention, at turns funny, touching and sinister" The Times ****

"An antonishing word of mouth success" The Observer

"Exhiliarating, film-noirish acrobatic mayhem from Gecko, a new company to watch. We will hear more of Gecko and we should look forward to it." Financial Times

"Words seem too slippery to evoke the sublime, gravity-defying mischief of Taylor's Dummies, ... theatre with a panache and dark with that never stales in this imagination-tickling production." Evening Standard

"A series of understated scenes that are as touching, deft and deeply funny as they are stunningly dramatic." Critics' Choice, Time Out

"A whirlwind 50 minutes of compelling physical theatre" Metro ****


Special Award, Mess Festival Sarajevo, 2004

Highly Commended, Time Out Live, 2003

Time Out Critics' Choice of the Year 2002

Guardian Pick of the Fringe 2002

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