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Writer and Creator
Rachael Young
Sound and Composition
Alicia Jane Turner
Rosie Elnile
Season Butler
22 Jan - 12 Feb 2021

THIRST TRAP is a sound and instruction-led theatre experience, delivered to your home by bicycle, for you to experience in your own bath, in your own time.  

This is a new project commissioned by Fuel, with the support of Help Musicians, the Sura Medura Residency, and LIFT. A collaboration between Rachael Young, composer Alicia Jane Turner, dramaturg Season Butler, and a cohort of researchers and real people who are affected by climate change in 2020. 

Part-narrative and part-meditation, THIRST TRAP is a 30 min sound piece for audiences to listen to in the bath along with an experience pack of resources to change their physical environment, connecting closely with their personal environment and relationship with their bodies. 

THIRST TRAP delves into our fear surrounding the possible outcomes of rising temperatures and our feelings of powerlessness against a capitalist government that continually fail to act quickly enough on matters concerning the climate. Rachael is exploring our relationship to water, its peaceful and calming property, and its ability to destroy and wipe out and draw parallels with man’s ability to do the same. 



What You Need 

1x hour on your own time 

1x bathtub  

1x bath towel 

1x sound device (ideally this would be a phone, an iPad, or tablet) 

Wifi to connect to a digital audience file 

1x cup of water (optional depends on your thirst levels) 


How It Works 

You can experience the London premiere of THIRST TRAP by booking a delivery date that corresponds with your home address.  

On the day of the delivery, you will receive a small package from a cyclist as well as a link to a digital audio file. You will have 2 weeks to access the digital audio file – the rest is yours to keep.  

Book your home delivery slot for the performance pack.


Creative Team 

Writer and Creator: Rachael Young 

Sound Designer: Alicia Jane Turner 

Designer: Rosie Elnile 

Dramaturg: Season Butler 

Narrator: Doña Croll

Climate Justice Consultant: Suzanne Dhaliwal  

Access Assistant: Kaleya Baxe 

Animation and Artwork: Nick Cobby