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Created by
Rachael Young
Music and sound by
Alicia Jane Turner
Season Butler
14 Dec - 30 Jan 2021

THIRST TRAPĀ is a collaboration between Rachael Young, composer Alicia Jane Turner, dramaturg Season Butler, and a cohort of researchers and real people who are affected by climate change in 2020.

Part-narrative and part-meditation, THIRST TRAP will be a 30 min sound piece for audiences to listen to in the bath along with an experience pack of resources to change their physical environment, connecting closely with their personal environment and relationship with their bodies.

THIRST TRAP delves into our fear surrounding the possible outcomes of rising temperatures and our feelings of powerlessness against a capitalist government who continually fail to act quickly enough on matters concerning the climate. Rachael is exploring our relationship to water, its peaceful and calming property, and its ability to destroy and wipe out and draw parallels with man’s ability to do the same.

Dates and venues from December to be announced soon.