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  1. Fuel's new January-June season

    We're ridiculously pleased to announce our jam packed January-June 2012 season. We have a packed six months in store for you,...

  2. Spare Tyre are looking for an Executive Director

    Spare Tyre are currently seeking a dynamic Executive Director to push forward the strategic and operational development of...

  3. Casting Call for Development Week

    Ring is a new project by director David Rosenberg (Electric Hotel, co-founder of Shunt) and writer Glen Neath (author of...

  4. Apprenticeship opportunities at NoFit State Circus

    Nofit State Circus are looking for applicants for two new apprenticeships: a producer apprenticeship and a acrobatics/circus...

  5. A Hotel Home for Artists' Projects

    The Peckham Hotel have an interesting opportunity for individual artists and small organisations – taking place in...

  6. Inua Ellams at Perth Festival 2012

    Perth International Arts Festival 2012 has launched - and our very own Inua Ellams will be jetting off...

  7. Great reviews for Sound&Fury's new show

    Sound&Fury’s new piece, Going Dark, which toured the UK throughout November and sold out during its...

  8. Devoted and Disgruntled next week - Writers and Devisers

    Improbable's monthly arts discussion Devoted and Disgruntled returns next week with the provocation: "Do writers and devisers have anything...

  9. MUST on the dissecting table in King's College London

    MUST the inside story, by Peggy Shaw will be laid bare on the dissecting table in the Anatomy...

  10. Will Adamsdale's Rough Cut at the Royal Court

    Perrier Award winner Will Adamsdale (Jackson's Way) will be developing his new show The Victorian in the...

Posted in: 2011
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