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22 Jan - 12 Mar 2021


THIRST TRAP is now officially sold out.   THIRST TRAP is a sound and instruction-led theatre experience, delivered to your home by bicycle, for you to experience in your own bath, in your own time.     This is a new...
12 Feb - 24 Nov 2021

Creative Freelancers: Shaping London’s Recovery 

About the programme:  Creative freelancers, particularly those in the performing arts, have been hit hard by COVID-19. From the very start of restrictions, up to 60% of freelancers have lost all of their work, and it is estimated that at least...
Digital Event
4 Mar - 6 Mar 2021

Love Letters at Home

A performance created from your song dedications and declarations of love, past and present, join us online via Zoom for Love Letters at Home as we raise our glasses to long lost loves and current lovers, to mums and dads,...
1 Apr - 10 Apr 2021


If ‘Islam’ comes from ‘peace’, how can you fear peace?   Peaceophobia is an unapologetic response to rising Islamophobia around the world. Part car-meet part-theatre, the show explores how you find peace in a world that tells you who you are.   Growing up...