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Meet the team

Theatre, as we see it, is a meeting place for unexpected encounters – a magical moment of live collaboration with an audience. To produce that moment, we see everyone on our team – producers, interns, project managers, directors, and programme assistants – as theatre makers.

Kathryn Bilyard

Senior Producer

I work in the arts because I believe brilliant theatre-makers and artists can open doors into worlds both real and imagined beyond our lived experience. The arts can connect us, teach us and inspire us to think bigger and more deeply about the world we live in and the people around us. I work at Fuel because the programme speaks to issues I think should be explored and addresses them in bold, playful ways. Each project is created and delivered uniquely making each one a different challenge and joy.

Before joining Fuel I was Creative Producer at Emergency Exit Arts working on a programme of outdoor shows and participatory events. Working for EEA could include anything from parades of thousands of people, to human catherine-wheels, illuminated gardens, giant mechanical puppets or developing new multi-disciplinary touring projects. Previously I have worked at the Donmar Warehouse and Battersea Arts Centre on event and project management and as a freelance stage manager in venues across the UK.

Hugo Chiarella

Development Producer

I work in the arts because I believe that art has the power to start conversations and to change conversations. I think art, and theatre in particular, is one of the few remaining collective human activities that has the ability (though not always the inclination) to move us beyond ideological frameworks and transactional interactions into a space in which we recognise and celebrate our common humanity. I work for Fuel because I think that the work that Fuel does recognises the capacity of live art as a forum for these moments of elevated human communion and strives to make these moments happen.

Originally from Australia, my background is as a writer, performer and independent producer. As a performer, I have worked on stage and television, most recently performing in the West End production of Les Miserables. As a writer, my work has been performed all over Australia. I have also written numerous sketches for the comedy group I’m With Stupid which have been featured on ABC2, ABCiView and various online platforms.

As an independent producer, I have developed and produced original work and sketch comedy for theatre and television in Australia. I recently graduated from the MA Creative producing at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and I am extremely excited to be taking on the role of Development Producer for Fuel.

Sarah Georgeson


The arts give access points to different worlds and points of view, and at a time when our world seems so divided, working in an industry which values the importance of shared experience, empathy and fun feels important.

I work in the arts because of the incredible people who become colleagues, collaborators and friends. I am inspired everyday by the extraordinary minds of the people around me, and by the communities created both amongst theatre makers and audiences.

I work at Fuel because of the opportunity to work so closely with artists, to champion their individual journeys and to connect their stories with communities across the world. Fuel is responsive to the needs of artists and an ever-changing industry, and
allows producers to really engage with the creative process. I find that super exciting.

Also, you can wear anything you want to the office.

Before Fuel, I was Assistant Producer at the Lyric Hammersmith, working across all mainstage shows and touring productions. I also produced the Lyric’s outdoor theatre strand, and Little Lyric, a Studio season for ages 2-11.

I was a Producer on attachment to the Old Vic Theatre as part of Old Vic 12, and found a real passion for developing new work alongside emerging and established artists.

As an independent producer, I worked across a range of projects, particularly those focused on joining theatre with activism and social change.

I have also worked for the National Student Drama Festival, Paines Plough and Festival Republic.

Anthony Gray

Head of Programme

I have worked as a cross arts producer and programmer for the last eight years supporting artists to create work and push their practice across a number of schemes that he has delivered in different organisations. As a trained classical singer who has worked in organisations such as the Royal Opera House, Barbican Centre and The Lowry in Salford, my career to date has primarily been about making the sector as accessible to as many unheard voices as possible.

As the Senior Producer (maternity cover) within the Programming department, I lead on the strategic approach to artist development and delivered The Lowry’s programme of in-house schemes. These programmes helped to identify artists and companies that fit with the artistic vision of The Lowry and enabled me to commission them to create new work. This post was focused on the delivery of an ambitious and nationally visible model of artist development that sits within the heart of The Lowry’s creative and artistic ambition. Previous to this role I worked as a Producer at the Barbican Centre for their Creative Learning department where my main responsibilities were the strategic overview, management and delivery of two main programmes; Creative Careers and Development of Emerging and Practising Artists.

Stuart Heyes

Head of Production

I’ve been at Fuel for quite a while. The past is a foreign country. I can’t explain or justify any of it. I can only apologise. Does that sound a little jaded? Well, I’m still facing a lot of the same challenges as I was 11 years ago. The odds remain stacked pretty much as they were back then, and I’m showing no sign of winning. Yet despite being pretty average at production management I remain somehow messianic when it comes to enlisting newcomers and retaining old hands to the cause. All of whom are much cleverer and kinder. You need a mess of help to stand alone.

Greg Howe

Production Manager

Working in the arts is something I always thought I would do. Having artistic parents I always felt comfortable in this world and I find it extremely rewarding to now be apart of the great team at Fuel.

After finishing school in Harrogate, I moved to Prague and worked for an events company for 3 years before returning to London to pursue my career in Theatre. I graduated from the production course at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts and then went on to work as a freelance stage manager on a big scale production which toured the world. In addition, I have also worked on events and shows in London and across the UK.

Che-Min Hsieh

Programme Assistant

I work in the Arts because I believe it is important (and amazing!) to bring a wide range of exciting and innovative projects to people with diverse backgrounds, making art accessible to everyone around the world. With a keen interest in theatre and live performance, also being passionate about creating art in unexpected places and settings across different art forms, I believe working at Fuel is the best place where you can make cool things happen, to produce inspiring and adventurous work, and to bring the magic to life!

After graduating from National Dong Hwa University with a BA in Arts and Creative Industries in Taiwan, I moved to London to pursue my MA in Arts Administration and Cultural Policy at Goldsmiths, University of London. My research interests include Audience Development, Cultural Policy and Practice, and the Immersive Experience in theatre. Apart from my studies I have also worked variously on several immersive performances in London.
Prior to Fuel I have worked as an Freelance Event Assistant at Taiwanese Embassy, supporting in delivering arts and cultural events in the UK, also worked as a Photographer, Festival Assistant, Administrative Intern with Bernie Grant Arts Centre, Punchdrunk, Edinburgh Festival Fringe (Taiwan Season), VAULT Festival, Thinkers' Theater in Taiwan and more.
When not working I shoot film, cook, do yoga, find all things vintage from grandma’s closet and enjoy everything about food.

David Lewis

Head of Finance

I work in the arts because the arts raise everyone’s quality of life and the people who work in the arts tend to be passionate about what they do and very nice. This particularly applies to Fuel.

I have worked in the not for profit sector for over 25 years including 16 years in the arts, leading the finances (and occasionally other bits) of Battersea Arts Centre, The Albany Deptford, Rich Mix and LIFT. I currently sit on the Boards of Camden People’s Theatre and performance company Uninvited Guests.

Ella McCarthy

Executive Assistant

I work in the arts because I love people, and want to celebrate and champion their talents and achievements. The best thing about working with Fuel is feeling part of a movement that is helping make live performances happen, sometimes in the seemingly most banal, practical ways. Being a member of the team is a fantastic learning opportunity, and reminds me to keep hopeful for the future of the arts.

Having played God in a dubious production of ‘Captain Noah and his Floating Zoo’ aged 9, you could say I was destined to work in theatre. I’ve been a performer with a background in musical theatre, studying classical voice as part of the Royal College of Music Junior Programme. These days I’m more a director and producer, having started Queenside Productions whilst at Oxford University. Alongside studying for a degree in English Literature, I completed a work placement with the Jette Parker Young Artists of the Royal Opera House, where I gained a comprehensive grounding in arts administration. I am delighted to be at Fuel because of the opportunities it presents to see great work, and hope in the near future to develop my own practice, working part-time with young people.

Kate McGrath


I work in the arts because I believe brilliant artists give us a new way of looking at the world around us and everyone in it. The best moments in my job are when I see people in the audience connecting with the shows we make – couples watching 'Love Letters Straight From Your Heart' and falling in love all over again; toddlers speechless with wonder watching conkers fall from the sky in 'The Forest'; passers-by being drawn towards 'Electric Hotel' and becoming engrossed. I am incredibly lucky to work with artists who constantly surprise and amaze me, and I’m passionate about reaching as wide an audience as we possibly can.

I studied English and French at Oxford University, and went on to work as a journalist for the Scotsman in Edinburgh. After that, I took the plunge into producing and started working freelance, making shows in pubs and warehouses. I got a job as trainee producer at Battersea Arts Centre in 2002 where I learnt a huge amount about making theatre and met brilliant artists, many of whom I still work with. And I met Louise there and in 2004 we decided to set up Fuel. I have loved (almost) every moment since and can’t wait for what’s next around the corner...

Philippa Neels


Artists are thinkers with unrestricted imaginations, the solution-finders for impossible times. I like joining the dots between arts, science, activism and community.

I’ve always experienced Fuel’s work to be participatory, empathetic and intelligent. Fuel works with artists to find homes for brilliant ideas, and amplify their potential to reach people across UK and beyond. I’m excited to join a team that works with artists beyond individual projects, looking ahead together to see the bigger picture.

I specialise in developing and producing new contexts for art, digital culture & public engagement. I work with a multi-disciplinary approach: in theatre, I produced 2017’s offie-award winning production, punkplay as part of the 50th anniversary of punk movement in London, I worked in the development of new work at the National Theatre, annual seasons of contemporary plays for Silo Theatre in New Zealand along with supporting independent companies and practitioners. I have a keen interest in reimagining cinema, from coordinating Southbank Centre’s film and live touring music productions 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Brief Encounter and Planet of the Apes, to creating new live cinema experiences with experimental ethnographic filmmaker, Vincent Moon. My passion for music and performance led me to producing Convergence Festival, being a member of PEOPLE collective and creator of NYX: female electronic drone choir.

Celestina Rowaiye

Programme Assistant

I work in the Arts because I believe there is life-changing power in it. The Arts allow you to tap out of the world but can also awaken you to what’s going on in the world, provoking you to action. I work at Fuel because they are producers of work that does just that - provoke action and change perceptions. As well as ideas, Fuel develops Artists which is equally as important. I love watching an idea grow into something tangible. Working in the Arts and at Fuel, I am able to engage with this process on a regular basis.

My background is in Community and Participatory Arts - working with community groups and specific groups in the health and social care sector to tell their stories and express/de-stress themselves using the arts as a tool. I am a Poet, workshop facilitator and also produce Poetry & Spoken Word related projects & events.

Molly Sharpe


I work in theatre because it brings me joy and makes me feel connected to the world and the people in it. I’m interested in people and their stories and I believe in the power of theatre as a place to start conversations and inspire change, to encourage empathy and collective humanity.

At Fuel I’m continually challenged and inspired by the people I work with. It’s a privilege to support extraordinary artists to explore new ideas and take risks and feel the impact of this work on audiences and communities across the UK and internationally. The Fuel ethos is to never give up or play it safe, to trust artists and go with them to the strangest and most daring places, no matter how impossible it might seem.

I have worked as a producer for West Yorkshire Playhouse, Hull Truck Theatre, Transform festival 2017 and RashDash. As an independent producer I have worked with artists across Yorkshire to make work in pubs, car parks, disused factories, fish & chip shops, and a bath full of polystyrene balls.

Shelby Shelman

Operations Assistant

Throughout my life, I have been a part of several productions both on and off stage and screen. I found the people to be welcoming and celebratory of individuality. The arts sector excites me as a means to inform, educate, and entertain audiences globally. I’m passionate about delivering social topics via mixed medium formats. Fuel is a recognised production team doing just that, therefore I wanted to work with them. I started working with Fuel as a Production Intern and am pleased to continue assisting the team as an Operations Assistant.

My past experience as a producer/project manager within the field of marketing has given me the opportunity to create photo shoots, radio and audio streaming ads, television and web videos, digital campaigns, print in various forms, and miscellaneous events and ideas from inception to completion. In addition, my history broadens as a dancer, photographer, and as a past employee of Mickey Mouse at Walt Disney World. I am currently studying an MA in Creative Producing at the University of Kent. Once I’ve completed the degree this fall, I look forward to playing a key role in storytelling as a producer.

Kirstin Shirling

Engagement Producer

When I look at the world around me, I see an ever-increasing rhetoric of fear and division. Communities are dividing, and individuals are reduced to sweeping generalisations and clichés. I believe in the power of theatre as a vessel to cultivate dignity, instigate dialogue and make change. Creativity can bring people together over a shared skill or moment. It can inspire, provoke, inform, relax or enrage us. It has the potential to defy language, age and cultural barriers. Story telling is part of what makes us human and I want to fill the world with as much humanity as possible.

My passion is working to make things happen which bring together artists and communities in shared creative experiences. I’ve worked in creative engagement with a wide variety of arts organisations which includes companies such as The Young Vic, V&A museum, Barbican and Guildhall Creative Learning, Good Chance Theatre, Belarus Free Theatre and Clean Break.

Ines Tercio

Executive Director

I work in the arts because I am passionate about enabling unheard voices to be heard. I believe the arts enable us to rehearse new ways of living in this world, and feel that now more than ever we need to explore different possible ways forward.

I am from Lisbon, Portugal. I came to London in 2003 to study Media Arts with Film and Video Production and then undertook a postgraduate degree in Arts Criticism and Management at City University.

I have worked in the arts for over 15 years. Before joining Fuel in Sept 2018 I have worked with organisations like Percursos (a multidisciplinary arts festival held in Portugal), TAPP (the Teacher Artist Partnership Programme), LIFT, Phakama UK and Greenwich & Lewisham Young People's Theatre. I have also worked freelance as an arts consultant, curator and producer with companies such as Nour Festival, Clayground Collective and Freddie Opoku-Addaie.

I have also travelled to China as part of the China-UK 400 Cultural Leaders programme led by the British Council. In 2010 I joined City University’s mentoring scheme to help current graduates find their way into the arts and creative industries. From 2014 - 2017 I sat on the board of CASA Latin American Theatre Festival.

Sarah Wilson White

Senior Producer

I work in the arts because I believe live performance and creative experiences can make the world a better, kinder and more interesting place to be. I work at Fuel because I believe in the art, artists and future which we want to create and support. In particular, I am inspired by Fuel’s ambition to engage audiences nationally and internationally whilst being at the cutting edge of producing practice as a producer-led and founded organisation.

Prior to joining Fuel, I worked as Producer for Farnham Maltings, delivering work nationally for Little Bulb Theatre, Victoria Melody, Up In Arms, and Jess and Joe Forever in co-production with the Orange Tree Theatre. Alongside Farnham Maltings I worked independently with artists such as Jammy Voo, and as Company Producer for Home Live Art. I’ve previously worked with organisations including The Old Vic, Camden People’s Theatre, Blind Summit, touring initiative House, and in 2015 I created the digital touring resource tour-finder.org. Outside Fuel I am a regular visiting lecturer at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, and a proud Trustee of New Diorama Theatre and physical theatre company Rhum and Clay.

Sean Egan

Trustee (Chair)

Sean is a specialist arts and media lawyer with over 25 years of experience - working with theatre, dance and other arts companies, and in film and tv. His areas of expertise include copyright, charity law, financing, creative team agreements and contractual issues, advising organisations in both the subsidised and commercial sectors. Sean has served as a trustee of a number of arts organisations over the years.

Lilli Geissendorfer


Lilli Geissendorfer is Director of Jerwood Arts (www.jerwoodarts.org), an independent grant-making foundation and charity dedicated to imaginative and responsible funding and development of artists and the arts. She has a background as a theatre producer with an interest in creating definitive new work with outstanding artists. Previous roles include Producer at Almeida Theatre under Rupert Goold, and Relationship Manager for Theatre at Arts Council England where she managed an NPO portfolio and developed national environmental sustainability policies. Lilli also co-produced the first HighTide Festival in 2007, ran the film and theatre producing company Strawberry Vale Productions 2006-2011, co-founded Londoners on Bikes, a pop-up cycle safety campaign for the London 2012 Mayoral election and volunteers for The Breastfeeding Network. She studied social and political sciences at Goldsmiths and Cambridge University.

Joe Hallgarten


Joe previously worked at the RSA as Director of the Creative Learning and Development team, focussing on policy research and practical innovations to the close the creativity gap in learning. He also helped grow the RSA’s presence and impact around the world as RSA Global Interim Director, through a range of exciting partnerships.

Joe taught in urban primary schools for five years, before moving into policy analysis and programme leadership – first for IPPR, then as Learning Director for Creative Partnerships. Joe has also worked as a consultant to the Department of Education’s Innovation Unit, the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit, and London 2012. Joe has written and presented on many education issues, including on creativity, curriculum, teacher quality, and school admissions.

Susan Hoyle


Sue Hoyle works independently as a consultant, adviser and researcher, specialising in performing arts, cultural leadership and interdisciplinary projects. She is a Cultural Fellow of King’s College London, a Trustee of the Royal Opera House Covent Garden, a member of the core group for the What Next? movement and Chair of the Funding Committee for the Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellowships.

Leadership roles have included Director of the Clore Leadership Programme, Programme Adviser to the Advanced Cultural Leadership Programme at Hong Kong University, Executive Director of The Place, Head of Arts for the British Council in France and Deputy chief executive of Arts Council England. As a non-executive, she has been on the Boards of the British Council, DV8 Physical Theatre, London Philharmonic Orchestra and Shobana Jeyasingh Dance.

Shail Thaker


Shail leads the Northern European hub of McKinsey’s Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products Practice. He also coleads the European Organization Practice and the firm’s cross-sector work on enterprise agility.

Since joining McKinsey, Shail has worked with organisations around the globe on driving innovation, productivity, and growth; supporting major postmerger integrations, carve outs, and asset transfers; leading important performance transformations and restructurings; launching numerous medical devices and pharmaceutical products; and bringing about commercial and product-development excellence.

Prior to joining McKinsey, Shail gained experience in research science, business development, and project finance.