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Opportunities at Fuel

If you are passionate about contemporary performance and fresh ideas we would love to hear from you!

See below for regular updates on jobs, internships and opportunities.

We also run a regular producing internship scheme for students enrolled in relevant full-time study, on a rolling basis, part time for 3 months. In partnership with higher education organisations, our internships aim to inspire and train through practical, on-the-job experience.

Invitations & Proposals

From plays to podcasts, we present a programme of adventurous and playful multi-disciplinary work that reflects the UK and its people but can reach people across the UK and beyond.

What are we looking for?
We work with brilliant artists to enable them to share their artistic vision. We develop and present an adventurous, playful and significant programme of live, digital, and multi-disciplinary work for a representative audience across the UK and beyond. Our mission is to produce art that exposes our fears, reveals our hopes, and empowers us to change what needs to be changed.

Although we do not take on existing productions, we like to get a flavour of an artist’s work to inform us of how we might be able to collaborate in the future. If you would like to invite us to see your work, please email:
Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to make it to everything we are invited to, but we’ll try our best.

That niggling idea you have had in your head for a while…we want to know all about it! We thrive on supporting artists to bring their ideas to life. If you would like to send us a script to consider or pitch an idea, please email:

We work across a wide range of disciplines and practices so please feel free to send us something other than a script (e.g. audio, video, portfolio, website), but do let us know what idea you would like to work on next as that is where we can help.

What happens next?
If you’ve sent in your work, you will receive an acknowledgement email and a member of our development team will read/watch/listen. This process may range from 4-10 weeks depending on our capacity at the time and the length of the work submitted. After this time, you will receive an email to let you know if we are able to support you.

If you’ve pitched an idea that we are interested in, we will make contact with you to arrange a meeting or send a request for examples of your work or an invite to see your work.