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At Fuel, we place audiences at the heart of what we do: conversations with audiences as part of research and development, and around the shows themselves, in-person and online. This is really important to us, as we try to produce performances that give audiences a good night out, with new ideas to think about and different perspectives on the world we share.

Over the coming months and years, we will keep developing our public forums and socials (e.g. Theatre Clubs), as well as the opportunities digital engagement can offer.

At Fuel, we place audience and community at the heart of what we do: conversations with audiences as part of research and development phases, and around the shows themselves, whether physically or online, are paramount to producing work that connects with audiences and has an impact.

Since 2004 we have reached 500,000+ audiences, 3000+ participants, presenting work from Ullapool to Totnes, from inner-city schools to village halls, from working men’s clubs to the National Theatre, for all ages – always, in our very DNA, with audience experience at the heart of our mission. We choose to work with artists who seek to connect meaningfully with audiences in a conversation about the world we live in and how we relate to each other in that world.

In the last 5 years, we developed a programme entitled New Theatre in Your Neighbourhood (NTiyN), seeking to work in a deeper place-based way, over time, to build connections with under-served communities and learn from experiments in how to reach new audiences and deepen engagement.

Our Local Engagement Specialist model emerged out of NTiyN and was refined with the appointment of a dedicated Engagement Producer in 2017 to bring this learning and practice together into a strategy and continue to develop engagement strategies. From 2020, Fuel has made a commitment to offering 10% of all production tickets for free to targeted groups who may not attend theatre otherwise.

Fuel is a Wellcome Trust Sustaining Excellence partner, enabling us to explore research-led creative processes with artists, scientists, and established culture institutes such the appointment of Fuel’s Associate Scientist, Dr Magda Osman of Queen Mary University of London.