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Freelance Task Force

Everything you need to know about the Freelance Task Force 2020


In May 2020, Fuel began working with more than 150 organisations and venues to create a Freelance Task Force. You can read the Open Letter to theatre and performance makers here.

We were fast-moving to set this up as quickly as we could so that the 70% of the theatre/performance workforce who are self-employed or freelance could be better represented in the conversations to come.

In June, the initial Freelance Task Force was formed with each organisation working independently to identify one freelancer who they would then pay for one day per week for June, July, and August (13 weeks) to be part of the Freelance Task Force. 169 freelancers made up the membership, and the Freelance Task Force worked together from June until September 2020.

Every organisation used a different process to do this. We monitored representation collectively, via a shared tracker as we went through the process, to try and ensure we achieved as much representation across the task force as possible. Given that we were working at speed and across multiple organisations, it was likely that there would be gaps in the representation we achieved: we aimed to work together to fill these as best we could, and where there were still gaps when the task force was up and running, we asked the task force for their ideas about how we could continue to improve this.

We remained transparent about our processes and about the successes and failures of his initiative along the way and remained open to ideas and provocations. This was an experiment and we were learning every day.


In light of events that happened in May, we extended the deadline for recruitment to enable organisations to extend their searches wider and deeper, coordinate more effectively, and to enable more time to apply. We recognised that since this initiative was announced, racial injustice had escalated, and time and energy needed to be spent with, for, and by Black freelancers demanding justice.

We wanted to do what we could to ensure that their voices weren’t excluded from the conversations that were to come. We acknowledged how difficult these times were. This was a small but what we hoped practical act of solidarity.


Freelance Task Force Evaluation


In October 2020, MHM (Morris Hargreaves McIntyre) were commissioned to undertake an independent evaluation of this initial interaction of the Freelance Task Force.


MHM undertook a phased approach to the evaluation, starting with a gap analysis of existing data. This was followed by primary data collection, using three main mechanisms for feedback, with additional options provided for those with specific access needs. MHM engaged the following groups during the research: Freelance Task Force members; sponsor organisations and freelancers who were not members of the Freelance Task Force. 

The evaluation was measured against the following 4 broad aims:  

  • A message of solidarity  
  • Increase communication and connection  
  • Representation, transparency, autonomy  
  • Financial support 

This report synthesises the main findings of the research, with recommendations for any future iterations of the Freelance Task Force. 

Many thanks to MHM, Freelance Task Force members, Freelance Task Force sponsor organisations, Miranda Yates, Caroline Parker MBE, and Access All Areas.


Freelance Task Force Members

Ammar Haj Ahmad Alessandro Babalola Ffion Campbell-Davies Beccy D’Souza Amantha Edmead Jamie Fletcher
Emily Alden Nicole Behan Assis Carreiro Ailsa Dalling Lily Einhorn Romy Foster
Sandra Alland Emma Bettridge Anjali Mya Chadha Annie-Lunnette Deakin-Foster Rosie Elnile George Francis
Anna Alvarez Georgia Bird Parbati Chaudhury Mumba Dodwell Nadia Emam Fiona Fraser
Louise Anderson Katie Bosomworth Natasha Chivers Steffan Donnelly Victor Esses
Sarah Argent Ashleigh Bowmott Whiskey Chow Mimi Doulton
Sian Armstrong Lou Brodie Paul Christian Sam Dunstan
Marius Arnold-Clarke Coral Brookes Garrin Clarke
Brodie Arthur Mele Broomes Jackie Clune
Leeza Awojobi Althea Burley Jane Crawshaw
Dan Ayling Gitika Buttoo Greg Cullen


June Gamble Daisy Hale Matilda Ibini Jennifer Jackson Isabelle Kabban Catherine Lake
Viv Gordon Keiren Hamilton-Amos Ibrahim Ismail Miss Jacqui Omar Khan Angharad Lee
Grace Goulding Philip Harland Aaron Jeffrey Zorazelda King Tom Lee
Sadeysa Greenaway-Bailey Joyce Henderson Polly Jerrold Maia Kirkman-Richards Deborah Light
Miranda Henderson Rosie Jones Gillie Kleiman Milton Lopes
Liv Hunt Ashley Jordan Charlotte Kransmo Mathilde Lopez
Rafia Hussain Lora Krasteva Mariah Louca
Chanje Kunda Krystal S. Lowe


Simisola Majekodunmi Rachael Nanyonjo Kate O’Connor Arran Pallan Hannah Quigley Jessica Rice
Rachel Mars Joana Nastari Alister O’Loughlin Emma Jayne Park Rosy Roberts
Russel Martin Jack Nurse Naomi Obeng Amanda Parker Steve Ryan
Shannon Martin Sonny Nwachukwu Joyce Omotola Caroline Parker MBE
Pauline Mayers Naomi Oppenheim Jaivant Patel
Susie McKenna Vijay Patel
Hannah McPake Jo Paul
Lisa Mellor Michelle Payne
Sasha Milavic Davies Clare Perkins
Simeon Miller Chris Peterson
Becky Minto Grania Pickard
Nessah Muthy Natasha Player
Glesni Price-Jones
Darren Pritchard


Valeria Isaiah Sadoh Amy Clare Tasker Paula Varjack Leo Wan Ellen Yilma Fubunation
Charlene Salter Sara Templeman Kate Waters Segen Yosife Xana
Divya Satwani Urja Desai Thakore David Webber
Sarah Shead Jessica Thanki-Grogan Bethany Wells
Lucy Sheen Alice Theobald Kate West
Kim Simpson Rhys Thomas Nick White
Deepraj Singh Leigh Toney Louie Whitemore
Beth Sitek Bradley Travis Ellie Williams
Athena Stevens Sarah Travis Sophie Woolley
Freya Stokka Karen Traynor Jessica Wright
Hannah Stone
Laura Sweeney