Freelance Task Force 2020

Posted on: 21st December 2020

Freelance Task Force Evaluation

In May 2020, Fuel was one of 150 organisations to sign An Open Letter to Freelance Theatre and Performance Makers. In June, the initial Freelance Task Force was formed, with each organisation sponsoring a freelancer to take part. 169 freelancers made up the membership, and the Freelance Task Force worked together from June until September 2020. In October 2020, MHM (Morris Hargreaves McIntyre) were commissioned to undertake an independent evaluation of this initial iteration of the Freelance Task Force. 


MHM undertook a phased approach to the evaluation, starting with a gap analysis of existing data. This was followed by primary data collection, using three main mechanisms for feedback, with additional options provided for those with specific access needs. MHM engaged the following groups during the research: Freelance Task Force members; sponsor organisations and freelancers who were not members of the Freelance Task Force. 

The evaluation was measured against the following 4 broad aims:  

– A message of solidarity  

– Increase communication and connection  

– Representation, transparency, autonomy  

– Financial support 

This report synthesises the main findings of the research, with recommendations for any future iterations of the Freelance Task Force. 

Many thanks to MHM, Freelance Task Force members, Freelance Task Force sponsor organisations, Miranda Yates, Caroline Parker MBE and Access All Areas.