Fuel’s Response to COVID 19

Posted on: 18th March 2020

In response to COVID 19, the Fuel office is now closed, and staff are working from home.  

We have taken the decision to postpone workshops for The Hartlepool Monkey in Hartlepool and have had to cancel upcoming performances of The Day I Fell Into A Book at Eastleigh’s The Point. We are investigating what we can deliver digitally in the upcoming months. 

None of us knows at this stage how long this situation will last, how it will evolve, and what the impacts will be. What we do know is that we are in this together, and we will get through this by looking after ourselves and each other with care and compassion.  

We are committed to supporting our partners and freelancers during this time. Our hearts go out to everyone who is affected. 

We feel we are doing the right thing by minimizing exposure and seeking – and following – medical advice. We are committed to ensuring the health and well-being of all employees and freelancers and their loved ones while maintaining operations during this challenging period. 

We’re reaching out to artists to show us how to be creative in new ways during the weeks and months ahead. We are exploring the possibilities of our website and other platforms for sharing work remotely 

Most of all, we believe artists can play a vital role in how this story unfolds, by giving us different perspectives, by celebrating our old and our vulnerable, by creating space for us to laugh or to cry, by reminding us of our collective humanity.  

Our work continues: our mission to produce art that exposes our fears, reveals our hopes, and empowers us to change what needs to be changed remains constant 

Our DMs are open on Twitter, our email addresses are fully functional: we are here for our community, so please be in touch.