Inua Ellams wins Society of Authors Scholarship 2020

Posted on: 18th June 2020

Poet, playwright and performer Inua Ellams has been announced as one of five recipients of the Society of Authors 2020 Travellers Scholarship.

The Travelling Scholarships were established in 1944 to enable British creative writers to keep in touch with their colleagues abroad.

As directed by the anonymous founder of the trust, the Scholarships are administered by the Society of Authors and recipients are nominated by the assessors for the year.

Inua met Fuel Director Kate McGrath in 2008. Fuel helped Inua develop his debut play, The 14th Tale, and produced it, premiering it at the Edinburgh Festival, winning a Fringe First, touring it in the UK and internationally and presenting it at the National Theatre. Since that first meeting, Fuel has worked closely with Inua, producing Untitled, Knight Watch, The Long Song Goodbye, Black T-shirt Collection, The Spalding Suite, Barber Shop Chronicles, The Half God of Rainfall, Three Sisters, and The Little Prince.

Congratulations Inua!