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Conceived and directed by
David Rosenberg
Written by
Glen Neath 
Music and sound by
Ben and Max Ringham
Produced by
2 Feb - 18 Jul 2015

Project History

By David Rosenberg 


Ring is a surreal sound journey in complete darkness and an antidote tochoice. Wearing headphones that amplify every intimate detail, you are transported to another room very similar to the one you entered… 

But in this room, you have been recognised. 

At times seductive, at times unnerving, Ring places the audience at the heart of a thrilling attack on their own identity. 

Please be aware that a total blackout is used for the majority of the performance.  


Triggered@Warwick. Originally funded by Arts Council England. 

Creative Team 

Conceived and directed by David Rosenberg
Written by Glen Neath
Music and sound by Ben and Max Ringham 


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"I haven’t been affected by a show as profoundly in a long time."


"***** Throwing aside all theatre conventions and encouraging you to let your imagination run wild, this piece is disconcerting, unnerving, intense, captivating, extremely clever, intriguing and unique... I cannot recommend it highly enough, this is an absolute must “see.”"

What’s on Stage 

"Totally unnerving but completely thrilling… completely unique experience that is truly one of a kind."

A Younger Theatre 

"So weirdly interesting that I'd happily repeat it."

Lyn Gardner, Guardian 

"**** spine-chilling"

The Herald 

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