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The Kids Are Alright

Co-created by Director/Choreographer
Jen Malarkey
Co-created by Writer
Lee Mattinson
Age recommendation
Running time
60 minutes
9 Apr - 13 Apr 2019

Project History

Presented by Fuel and Encounter

The Kids Are Alright was a surreal and confronting new work that combined dance and new writing, participation, and performance, children, and adults. 

When a day trip to the Natural History Museum turns to tragedy, one family is left as hollow as the cold bones of the blue whale. At home, they attempt to make sense of the unimaginable in ways as unpredictable as the incident itself. 

At the same time, with sound protective headphones and in an auditory world of their own, children stormed the stage with a mandate for change. 

Smashing two restricted worlds into one radical show, children and adults attempted to come to terms with their lives spinning out of control. 

In their unique, experimental style, Encounter shed light on the state that we are in and ask what happens when generations collide in a battle where hope and despair fight for centre stage? 

Commissioned by The Place, supported by the Albany, Folkestone Quarterhouse, and Arts Council England. 



Gallery Images: PUI SHAN CHAN

"It’s a true theatrical unicorn: unimaginable until you’ve seen it, and unforgettable once you have."

Three weeks on 'I Heart Catherine Pistachio'

"Crushing sentimentality through a meat-grinder"

Exeunt Magazine on 'I Heart Catherine Pistachio'

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