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To Those Born Later

7 Nov - 8 Nov 2017

Project History

Presented by Fuel and Uninvited Guests’

To Those Born Later

 To Those Born Later is an interactive theatrical event developed by Uninvited Guests.

A digital dark age is coming. Soon hackers or a virus will corrupt our files and wipe our digital existence; all electronic records, digital photos, music playlists and personal messages gone. The cloud and servers will fail and Google, Facebook, corporations and governments cannot guarantee our data will survive.

Uninvited Guests are travelling the country to create a digital record of our time, a collection of things that matter to you, to keep in a time capsule that will be opened in 150 years.

What image of our world should the people of the future see?

What stories will they tell about these times we’re living through?

What do you want to be remembered?

We need to act now or our era will become a digital dark age, a period in history that leaves no trace. Join us in preserving something of you, your culture and the world you live in for those who are yet to be born, for future generations.

Every show is different, made with and for each audience. The content of the time capsule is chosen by people in the room and added to the growing archive of messages to the future.

Commissioned by Beaford Arts Centre as part of Made in Devon. Supported by ArtsDepot, London, Trinity Community Arts, Bristol, Barbican OpenLabs, London, the Albany Deptford, and Arts Council England.

Image credits: Camilla Greenwell

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