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The Situation Room: Prejudice & Perception

8 Dec 2016

Project History

Fuel presents

The situation room has always existed. This isn’t the first time. The room is not new. It’s an old place.

The Situation Room is a place for audiences, artists and researchers to talk about the big issues, to meet other minds and to be entertained.

It is a place for you.

In an effort to better understand some of the fractures in our society, Fuel brought together gathering of creative and academic minds for an evening of conversation, performance, comedy, installation and live music, all woven together by the theme of Prejudice & Perception. 

Hosted by Nic Green (Trilogy), with performances, discussions and responses from Jess Thom (Tourettes Hero), Phoebe Davies (Bedfellows: Sex Re-Education), Manos Tsakiris (Royal Holloway and the Warburg Institute), Chardine Taylor-Stone (Black Girls Picnic), Melanie Wilson (Opera for the Unknown Woman), Lasana Harris (UCL), Magda Osman (QMUL), live scribing from Hawk & Mouse, music from Big Joanie and Roundhouse Resident Artist Jay Johnson.


Supported by The Wellcome Trust and Arts Council England.

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