Body Pods

Image: Annie Cavanagh, Wellcome Images
  • Image: Annie Cavanagh, Wellcome Images  ~
  • Body Pods - The Fingers Interview with Terje Isungset and Professor Mike Tipton ~
  •  ~ Image: N. Seery, Wellcome Image Library
  • Body Pods - Bone Interview with David Harradine and Dr Allie Gartland ~
  • Fuel Body Pods - The Liver by Richard Thomas and Graham Foster ~
  • Body Pods   The Skin   Interview with Stacy Makishi and Michael Klaber ~
  • Body Pods - The Gut Interview ~
  • Body Pods - The Nictitating Membrane Interview.m4v ~
  •  ~
  • Body Pods - The Arse - Interview with Amanda Boyle and David ~
  • Body Pods - The Eye - Interview with Silvia Mercuriali, Dominic ffytche and Tomaso Perego.m4v ~
  • The Brain: Interview with Deborah Pearson and Paul Broks ~
  • Body Pods - The Hand - Interview with Gemma Brockis and Tilli ~
  • Fuel Body Pods The Heart - Interview with Francesca Beard and Dave ~
  • Liver Image: Spike Walker, Wellcome Images Library ~
  • Body Pods-The Ear - Interview with David Rosenberg and David ~
  • Skin Image: Ivor Mason, KCL, Wellcome Images Library ~
  • Gut Image: Kevin MacKenzie, University of Aberdeen, Wellcome Images ~
  • Nictitating Membrane Image: Angharad Jones, Wellcome Images Library ~
  • Image: The Bum, Jim Friedman, Fat Cells, Stephen Elliman, Wellcome Images Library ~
  • Eye Image: Katie Whiteley, Wellcome Images Library ~
  • Brain Image: Spike Walker, Wellcome Images Library ~
  • Hand Image: Wellcome Library, Wellcome Images ~
  • Heart Image: Gordon Museum, Wellcome Library ~
  • Ear Image: Wellcome Photo Library, Wellcome Images ~
  • Project: Body Pods
  • Artist/Company: David Rosenberg, Roundhouse Radio, Fuel, Francesca Beard, Amanda Boyle, Stacy Makishi, Richard Thomas

How well do you know your insides? Ever wondered why you have an appendix or how your ears work out the source of a sound?

Discover the strange and surprising human body in Body Pods, a series of 12 podcasts by artists and scientists, each one exploring a different part of your body.

You can listen to the twelve podcasts in the series, which should be listened to using headphones, and watch films with the artists and scientists talking about their collaborations:

You can subscribe to the series through iTunes or SoundCloud and look out for our listening stations, touring theatres, hospitals and universities.

The Ear by David Rosenberg, director and co-founder of Shunt, and David McAlpine, Director of the UCL Ear Institute

The Heart by Francesca Beard, a performance poet, and Dave Hildick-Smith, cardiologist at the Royal Sussex County Hospital

The Hand
 by Gemma Brockis, an artist based in London, and co-founder of Shunt, and Tilli Tansey, Professor of the History of Modern Medical Sciences at Queen Mary University of London

The Brain
 by Deborah Pearson, artist and co-founder of Forest Fringe, and Paul Broks, Neuropsychologist at Plymouth University and author of Into the Silent Land

The Eye
 by artist Silvia Mercuriali and Dominic ffytche, Clinical Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London (you will need to have access to a mirror. You will be asked to look at the strongest source of light around you. Please do not stare at the sun, as this may damage your eyes).

The Arse by film director Amanda Boyle and David Gems, assistant director of the Institute of Healthy Ageing at UCL. Music by Harry Escott and additional voice, Caroline Horton

The Nictitating Membrane by Chris Thorpe, poet and performer, and Joe Cain, Head of Department and Senior Lecturer in History and Philosophy at UCL.

The Gut, by poet Alice Oswald and Dr Glenn Gibson, Professor of Food Microbial Sciences at University of Reading. 

The Skin by multi-media artist Stacy Makishi and dermatologist Michael Klaber.

The Liver by Richard Thomas, a composer and creator of Jerry Springer The Opera and Graham Foster, a specialist in Hepatology based at the Institute of Cellular and Molecular Science at the Royal London Hospital.

Bone by David Harradine, artistic director of Fevered Sleep,and Dr Allie Gartland, Senior Lecturer in bone biology at University of Sheffield.

The Fingers by ice musician Terje Isungset and Mike Tipton, Professor of Human and Applied Physiology at University of Portsmouth.

Body Pods were also released as the Guardian Culture Podcast each month, and on the Time Out website.

Funded by a Wellcome Trust Arts Award. 
Recording and Editing by Alex Mee. Films by Fergus Dingle. Additional Filming on The Gut and The Liver by Mary Kouinoglou. Additional film editing on The Liver by Syriah Bailey. Image design by Leopold.

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