Ether Frolics: A Second Opinion

Image: Sheila Burnett
  • Project: Ether Frolics: A Second Opinion
  • Artist/Company: Sound&Fury

Reworked from its critically acclaimed 2005 premiere Ether Frolics: A Second Opinion takes an altered trip through the different levels of consciousness that emerge while under the influence of anaesthetic drugs.

Treating the audience as the patient about to undergo a general anaesthetic, it leads them from a seemingly normal pre-operation conversation that slips into an altered state of anaesthetised consciousness which disorientates the sense of space and perception.

Provocative, disturbing and comic, the immersive performance style invades the mind and stuns the senses... will you ever be the same again?

Ether Frolics was premiered in London in 2005 followed by a UK tour.

Ether Frolics:A Second Opinion was performed as part of Clod Ensembles's Performing Medicine Season.

Critical Acclaim for Ether Frolics

"A work of genius - or am I seeing things?” The Independent on Sunday

"A giddying exploration of anaesthesia.” Observer

"Quietly impressive.” The Guardian

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