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Fuelfest at Battersea Arts Centre

Produced by
5 Nov - 9 Nov 2013

Fuel presents Fuelfest at Battersea Arts Centre

In 2013, as part of a season marking their artistic heritage, Battersea Arts Centre invited Fuel to curate a mini-festival of new shows and old favourites.

This included Uninvited Guests’ hugely popular Love Letters Straight From Your Heart, a Battersea Arts Centre Commission which had been touring since 2009; and the first glimpse in London of Melanie Wilson’s show, Landscape II. In the foyer, audiences could also listen to While You Wait, our series of podcasts, or watch It’s the Skin You’re Living In, a film by Fevered Sleep.

We also presented a Scratch night of new ideas.

Battersea Arts Centre was Fuel’s home from 2004 to 2013, and many of the artists we work with first scratched shows in the building. Fuelfest at Battersea Arts Centre was a chance to celebrate some of the wonderful performances that had been created there.


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