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Give Me Back My Broken Night

Created by
Uninvited Guests
Age guidance
Running time
2hr 15mins
9 Nov - 11 Nov 2016
Uninvited Guests

Part of a series of Bristol Temple Quarter commissions coordinated by Watershed, Knowle West Media Centre, and MAYK, with funding from Arts Council England.

Originally commissioned as part of Watershed’s Theatre Sandbox in partnership with Soho Theatre.

Combining theatre, technology, and a cinematic soundtrack, Give Me Back My Broken Night took audiences on a walk through the city streets, inviting them to imagine the future of their area and see it appear before their eyes.

With every step, the audience walked further into the future, and alternative versions of the area revealed themselves. Audiences became urban planners, collaborating on their own designs, and imagined architectures. A vision of Deptford’s future based on the collective imagining of those present was drawn live and projected during every performance.





Images by Duncan Speakman

"It was a gorgeous piece that haunts me still."

Maddy Costa, States of Deliquescence blog

ABB73C5B-A51C-4932-BDF3-C60C9D79146A Created with sketchtool.

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