Hot Air Talks

  • Project: Hot Air Talks
  • Artist/Company: Fuel

Fuel were blowing 'Hot Air' at Edinburgh Festival 2011! 

Fuel held two 'Hot Air" talks at the Edinburgh Festival. The idea of the talks is to have a panel of three cultural leaders to speak provocatively for a couple of minutes, followed by your chance to respond to what they say with some refreshments provided.

The talks took place on:

Sunday 21st August 11.00 - 6.00pm 'Making the case for the arts' at The Forest Fringe's Edgelands 3 Bristo Place Edinburgh, Midlothian EH1 1EY t:0131 220 4538 e:

Speakers: Erica Whyman, Tim Crouch, Lorne Campbell.

Tuesday 23rd August 11.30am  'What do producers do?' at Underbelly, Abattoir bar, Bristo Square.

Speakers: Angie Bual, Becki Haines, Deborah Pearson, Kate Yedigaroff.


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