Iris Brunette

Iris Brunette Trailer
  • Iris Brunette Trailer ~
  •  ~ Image: Gemma Riggs
  •  ~ Image: Ed Collier
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  •  ~ Image: Ed Collier
  •  ~ Image: Ed Collier

“There are few more compelling presences than that of Melanie Wilson” The Guardian

A sortie into a curious cityscape of the future past, featuring Iris Brunette: part time travelling refugee, part compassionate voyeur. A warmly mournful and disarmingly engaging piece, inspired by the film 'La Jeteé' by Chris Marker.

Commissioned and developed at BAC.
Originally funded by Arts Council England.

Critical Acclaim for Iris Brunette

"Iris is frail and strong, shy and bold, her stories suffused with impossible beauty but dripping with inexpressible dread" Time Out ****

"Wilson emerges as a remarkable poet in word and sound, going straight to the heart of that longing for a last, precious touch of intimacy before dying, which is one of the key emotions of our time." The Scotsman ****

"It could be anybody's year, but I reckon that it could be Melanie Wilson's." The Guardian

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