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Jackson’s Way

Will Adamsdale
5 Aug - 12 Dec 2015
Will Adamsdale

A BAC Scratch Commission

Jackson’s Way was a satire on the world of self-help and corporate jargon, but so much more…

Was 2015 a WIN folks? Did u achieve? Did u maximise?

I’m hearing a lot of NOs and that’s where I come in – JACKSON, author of the multi-selling Jackson’s Life Coach Slam-Down! (Volumes 1 and 2) and originator of a more successful life-method franchise than Christianity and capitalism combined! (According to various studies).

In this special Power-hour I’ve combined work from the Jackson unleashed DVD and the recent Asian tour in a power-package that GUARANTEES 4-6 TIMES MORE EFFECTABILITY IN THE 3 KEY AREAS – wealth/relationships/transport AS WELL AS a failsafe method of making the equation ‘love/finance + contenditude’ work ON YOUR TERMS and AT YOUR PACE (and in metric!).

Office parties welcome, couples in trouble welcome, huddled masses welcome!

Bring small, sad objects.

Winner of the Perrier Award for Comedy 2004


"This show is more than comedy. It plays with your intellect as well as your sense of humour… Jackson’s Way is simply the best, funniest, cleverest miracle of make believe."

The Scotsman

"The show is an intense and impressive performance with an appropriate hint of American TV evangelism"

Culture Wars

"A veritable wizard, a virtuoso of the transcendently absurd... remarkable for both its sheer inventiveness and its perfect pitch. "

The New York Times

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