Kursk (film)

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  •  ~ Image: Keith Pattison
  •  ~ Image: Keith Pattison
  • Project: Kursk (film)
  • Artist/Company: Sound&Fury, in collaboration with Bryony Lavery

A Fuel film
Written by Bryony Lavery and Sound&Fury
Directed by Amanda Boyle
An adaptation of the stage play originally co-produced by Fuel and the Young Vic

An adaptation of Sound&Fury's award-winning play Kursk created in collaboration with film director Amanda Boyle is part of the 2012 Space commissions, in partnership with Arts Council England. Available here until spring 2013. 

Inspired by the tragic event in 2000 that saw the Russian submarine Kursk suffer a huge explosion, and
its 118 crew perish, the film follows five British crew aboard a Royal Navy hunter-killer submarine, sent to
spy on the Russian Kursk on its final fateful mission.

Watch the film on The Space, an online resource that gives free, on-demand access to the work of a wide
range of artists and arts organisations.

Alongside the film, you can also listen to Sub Stories, a series of podcasts about Sound&Fury’s Kursk.


This film is an adaptation of the original stage production Kursk.

Created by Sound&Fury in collaboration with Bryony Lavery.

Directed by Mark Espiner and Dan Jones.

Sound&Fury are Mark Espiner, Tom Espiner and Dan Jones.

Co-produced by Fuel and the Young Vic. Commissioned by the Junction. Funded by Arts Council England, a Wellcome Trust Arts Award and the Genesis Foundation. Subtitles supported by the City Bridge Trust.

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