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Digital Event

Making Belongingness: The Talk

Dr. Sandra Romero-Hidalgo
Performance Artist
Raquel André
National Arts Partnership Manager at the Wellcome Trust
David Cahill Roots
7 Jun 2021

Making Belongingness. Creating a science-led artistic project

Join scientist Dr. Sandra Romero-Hidalgo, performance artist Raquel André and National Arts Partnership Manager at the Wellcome Trust, David Cahill Roots on Zoom as they discuss making Belongingness – a global conversation about how we identify with each other and what they might tell us about ourselves. Putting themselves under the microscope, Raquel and Sandra used their genetic ancestry test results to explore what it might mean to belong.

This interactive event will be followed by a discussion where you can find out more about:

  1. Making work digitally and for an online audience
  2. Working with international collaborators
  3. Making a science-led artistic project


There will be an opportunity for attendees to submit their questions ahead of the talk through this form.

You can visit the Belongingness website here. 

Who is it for?

  • 18+ – 25-year-old Drama students looking to make science-led creative projects
  • 18+ – 25-year-old Science students looking to communicate their research through creative projects


How to book


This event is a part of The Lab Talks. To find out more about The Lab – Fuel’s science-led producing art platform, click here.