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Salt and Sugar

Created and performed by
Hemabharathy Palani
18 Oct - 24 Oct 2021

Salt and Sugar

A film by Hemabharathy Palani.

Salt and Sugar is a new dance film by award-winning choreographer and dancer Hemabharathy Palani. The project was commissioned by Fuel, developed as a live performance with acclaimed director Hetain Patel, and adapted into a film with director JJ Abraham, with original music composed by Jasmin Kent Rodgman.

Salt and Sugar begins with a personal challenge: as she turns 40, Hema wants to get a six-pack. She begins training with her brother in his studio at her parent’s house and her sporadic visits home dressed in a salwar kameez transform into daily training sessions in a t-shirt and track pants. This shift causes a revelation. One day when Hema arrives, her Mother is crying. Hema learns of an extraordinary event when she was a teenager that has unknowingly impacted her life.

Salt and Sugar looks at the complexities of Indian culture through classical Indian dance, spoken word, contemporary movement, and cultural references. This striking new film explores feminism, family relationships, and what it means to be an Indian woman today.

Salt and Sugar premieres in Dance Internation Glasgow from 18-24 October.