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Digital Event

Signal Fires Podcast

Written by
Kiki Katese, Alice Oswald, Hema Palani, Kim Scott, Sara Sharaawi
Directed by
Adura Onashile
Performed by
Francis Firebrace, Laura Hanna, Akiyawerikumo Henry, Alice Oswald, Bharti Patel
15 Jul - 1 Oct 2021

Signal Fire (n): a fire or light set up in a prominent position as a warning, signal, or celebration.

Originally presented as part of the nationwide Signal Fires project in 2020, which gathered together storytellers and audiences to signal the importance of touring theatre and celebrate our fundamental need to tell stories, Fuel’s Signal Fires is a series of audio pieces with a new piece becoming available to each listener every week.

The series features five stories written by international and local writers: Devon’s Alice Oswald alongside Kim Scott from Australia, Kiki Katese from Rwanda, Hemabharathy Palani from India, and Sara Sharaawi from Egypt. Their stories respond to the duality of fire, creating warmth and community as well as danger and destruction, as a symbol for this time.

Signal Fires premiered live in south Devon in October 2020 and was presented by Fuel and Coombe Farm Studios in collaboration with Woodlands Presents. Signal Fires by phone was presented by Fuel and Eden Court Highlands in November 2020. Signal Fires was supported by CVC.

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