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Simple Girl

Melanie Wilson
Co-directed by
Emma Benson
Produced by
5 Aug - 9 Jun 2011
Melanie Wilson

Fuel presents Simple Girl

By Melanie Wilson 

A thrilling and touchingly funny encounter with a self-titled simple girl – at once mischievous flaneur, epic sentimentalist, and grandiose fibber. Tales of glamorous peril jostle with a live soundtrack, executed by idiosyncratic heroine Melanie Wilson. 

Nominated for a Spirit of the Fringe and Best Actress Award at the Dublin Fringe Festival. 

Co-directed by Emma Benson. 


"**** Just occasionally you come across a show on the fringe that's innovative, startling and ever so slightly indefinable. For me, Simple Girl is it. "

The Scotsman

"Wilson's tools are not just the word or the physical, but also her own intensity, light and dark, and an extraordinary soundscape that transports us into a dislocating otherness... There are few more compelling presences than that of Melanie Wilson."

The Guardian

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