Sitting Room Circus

Image: Johann Persson

Sitting Room Circus was part of Fuel at the Roundhouse, a series of work in development showings produced by Fuel in partnership with the Roundhouse. It is now being produced by Ric Watts. For further information, contact

Did you ever want to join the circus but not want to run away? When she’s told her dreams of flying on the trapeze are ridiculous, Su finds herself sad and alone at home. On one magical night her furniture takes pity on her and gradually comes to life, enabling her to achieve her dream in the most unexpected fashion. 

Sitting Room Circus combines dance theatre and puppetry – specially created furniture transforms from domestic fixture to fantastical creature. A recorded score combines original piano composition by Paul Englishby and re-scored versions of well-known classical works.

With design by Jon Bausor and puppets devised by Mervyn Millar (Puppetry Associate on War Horse).

For family audiences aged 5 and above.

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