Story Hunt

Image: Reid Ingram Weir
  • Project: Story Hunt

“The future of British Theatre” The Times on Daniel Bye

Story Hunt is a treasure hunt-meets-walking-tour of Margate's many presents: those that have been and those that are yet to come.

Stroll by sights no longer to be seen. Marvel at monuments yet to be raised. Look! That man diving in the river in 1786 is changing the world, now!

History was made here, and it will be made again. You are, we are, all part of that history. And this means that we all, every one of us, can change it. 

From the award-winning maker of The Price of Everything and How to Occupy an Oil Rig.

Funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and Arts Council England, through New Theatre in Your Neighbourhood. Developed through Fuel's Jerwood Residencies at Cove Park which are supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation. 


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