The Day I Fell into a Book

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  • Project: The Day I Fell into a Book

“‘How brilliant it is, in 2017, to see 30 children with their noses in a book, lost in a world of stories. It was fantastic to perform and host workshops in three great schools. Kid’s imaginations never cease to amaze me – it’s incredible to experience what pours out of their brains!’ - Lewis Gibson”

By Lewis Gibson

A Fuel and Stratford Circus Arts Centre co-commission

Books are dangerous. The only way to save us from bewitching stories is to put them on the Red List. Then they’ll be banned from all schools, libraries and bookshelves forever. That’s what the Institute says.

You are invited to dive into a patchwork world of adventure stories. Together we must find the wildest, most imaginative, most dangerous ones… The really exciting ones can catch you though - so be careful you don’t




Welcome to a world where stories seep into space, a storm blows leaves from the woods right through the window, and mist seems to creep round our feet as we float at sea.

The Day I Fell into a Book has been created by sound designer, composer and theatre maker Lewis Gibson and is for 8-12 year olds and their teachers, families and carers. Watch the trailer here.

At the end of May we were delighted to work with three schools in Newham and Stratford Circus Arts Centre to develop The Day I Fell into a Book. The show is suitable for touring to schools, libraries, arts cenrtes and festivals. 

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