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The Future Forum

Curated by
Fevered Sleep
Produced by
7 Apr 2011
Fevered Sleep

Fuel presents The Future Forum

Curated by Fevered Sleep and produced by Fuel, The Future Forum (2011) was an opportunity for producers and promoters to come together to reflect on the extraordinary creative opportunities that are offered when we make performances for children, and specifically to discuss and imagine models for producers to work with artists to help create high-quality new work.

Forward-looking and concerned with artform and artist development, The Future Forum 2011 included an opportunity to hear from Alice McGrath (at the time development director, Imaginate) and Sarah Golding (associate artistic director, BAC) about their own experiences as producers working within organisations that are committed to transforming the landscape of performance for children.

A conversation with Alice and Sarah was hosted by David Harradine, artistic director of Fevered Sleep.

The Future Forum was part of Future Play, a research project being undertaken by Fevered Sleep, which investigated the models and processes involved in the creation of performance for children, especially in the touring sector. 


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