The Kids Are Alright

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  • Project: The Kids Are Alright
  • Artist/Company: Encounter

THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT will tell the story of the different ways in which children and adults translate tragedy.


When an outing to the Natural History Museum turns to tragedy, the fabric of one family is violently unpicked forever when the death of their daughter renders their world as lifeless as the old cold bones of the Blue Whale.  


How do we begin to talk to our children about conflict?

How similar is their concept of compassion to ours?

How do we protect an age group who are defining their individuality by taking risks and testing boundaries?

THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT explores the complexities of tragedy, working to understand, through primary age children’s active participation in a new live performance with two adult performers, how we relate to changing communities, class, crisis and conflict.

THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT brings together new writing, dance, and sound installation. It is created by Jen Malarkey (director/choreographer) and Lee Mattinson (writer). 

Commissioned by The Place, supported by The Albany, QuarterhouseFolkestone and Arts Council England.

Image credit: Chris Nash 

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