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Digital Event

The Kids Are Alright

Co-created by Writer
Lee Mattinson
Co-created by Director & Choreographer
Jen Malarkey
Associate Director
Temitope Ajose-Cutting
Janet Etuk, Carl Harrison
3 Nov - 14 Nov 2020

The Kids Are Alright explores the extraordinary grief of losing a child.

When a day trip to the Natural History Museum turns to tragedy, Karen and Keith return home alone. Behind their four walls, they attempt to make sense of the unimaginable in ways as unpredictable as the incident itself.

But how do you rebuild a family when a whole life has been sucked out of it? Dismantle a dog? Cruise the Algarve? Or fight to the death yourselves?

The Kids Are Alright will be performed for residents of local housing estates at the same time as being streamed digitally.

Filmed with mobile phones and broadcast directly through Facebook this is a uniquely intimate performance that invites you to watch one broken couple explode from their home. And they couldn’t care less who’s watching.

The residents wear headphones in order to stream the live dialogue and can watch the performance from varying distances of their choice. This might be watching through the window of their own home or just outside their front door.

The show has been designed to cement the story in the specific environment it plays.

At a time when we are all experiencing loss in varying ways, this show provides a space to explore those feelings safely and with humour through the context of an alternative narrative.

The live performance is free but for residents only.

The live stream is free for anyone to watch. Watch the live stream here.

Local Performances 

The live performances will be presented for the residential audience at dusk, accompanied in some cases by hot food. The residents wear headphones, through which they hear the live dialogue of the performers. This means they can view the performance, from varying distances at their choice and safety; this might be from inside their own home looking out of the window, just outside their front door, or in the residential, community outdoor space.

The performance has been written to centre the story, characters, and visual world in the housing estates where the audience lives. This will create an intimate, accessible, and importantly, safe live performance experience.

Digital Live Stream

Alongside the live performance, a series of mobile phone cameras will record the action to be live-streamed on Facebook for a public audience. By recording multiple perspectives of the action and environment, the experience of the digital audience will be as close to that of the live audience as possible. They will follow one aural stream (the dialogue) whilst viewing multiple visual shots.

Watch the live stream here.

Co-commissioned by Fuel and The Place. In partnership with The Albany, Lewisham Homes, Camden People’s Theatre, Northern Stage, and Byker Community Trust. The project is funded by Arts Council England, Wellcome Trust, and the Peggy Ramsay Foundation.

This is an outdoor live performance for socially distanced audiences in housing estates across London & Newcastle.


Deptford, in partnership with the Albany and Lewisham Homes

Tuesday 3 November – 5pm

Wednesday 4 November – 5pm (also live streamed)

Camden, with Camden Peoples Theatre

Thursday 5 November – 5pm

Friday 6 November – 5pm (also live streamed)

Byker, with Northern Stage and Byker Community Trust

Monday 9 November – 5pm and 8pm

Tuesday 10 November – 5pm (also live streamed) and 8pm



"It’s ridiculous, absurd, infuriating and, at points, very, very sad. Which makes it an almost perfect portrayal of an attempt to navigate loss in the aftermath of an utterly unfathomable event. ★★★★ "

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