The Knowledge Emporium

  • Project: The Knowledge Emporium

Slung Low and Fuel Present

The Knowledge Emporium

We all know at least one thing that no-one else knows and this September is your chance to share it as Slung Low invites you into The Knowledge Emporium to celebrate the knowledge that makes you unique.

The Knowledge Emporium is an old-fashioned sweetshop in a converted 1960’s airstream caravan. The Emporium trades in sweets, the sort you remember as a kid, but this is a sweetshop with one big difference: it doesn't take money. It trades only in knowledge, your knowledge, your stories, your recipes, anecdotes or facts for sweets. 

Throughout the week you’re invited to The Emporium to share your knowledge by entering it in “The Big Book of Everything We Know”. In return for your generosity, you can help yourself to some sweets. 

At the end of the week, Slung Low will create a reading from the material collected, as part of Jaywick Martello Tower’s 10th anniversary, celebrating the collective knowledge of the community. 

The reading takes place in the time that it takes for an audience member to prepare one of the recipes from the Big Book of Knowledge. 

Come share your Knowledge in the Knowledge Emporium.

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Funded by Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and Arts Council England.

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