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The Last Judgement: A Descriptive Lecture at Intervals

Uninvited Guests
Installation by
Uninvited Guests and Fuel
Collaboration with
Lewis Gibson 
Animation by
Stephen Gray 
12 Sep - 15 Jan 2012
Uninvited Guests

An Installation by Uninvited Guests and Fuel
In collaboration with Lewis Gibson
Animation by Stephen Gray

The Last Judgement: A Descriptive Lecture at Intervals, was a son et lumiѐre (sound and light show) to accompany John Martin’s three great paintings, The Last Judgement, The Great Day of His Wrath, and The Plains of Heaven. A recreation of lectures presented in public halls across the land, when these popular paintings toured in the late 19th Century, and with reference to contemporary apocalyptic blockbusters.

Part of Tate Britain’s John Martin: Apocalypse exhibition, that ran from 21 September 2011 to 15 January 2012. 

Read more about the exhibition in the Telegraph and listen to a panel discussion on BBC Radio 4’s Saturday Review. 


"The paintings "come to life" as they must have done for electrified viewers in Bradford. You see what they saw, momentarily, before the houselights go up and these paintings – so hard to look at for long – are once more inert."

Laura Cumming, The Observer, 25 September 2011 

"The big canvases, and the special son et lumière presentation for the “Last Judgement” triptych, are powerful experiences..."

Robin Blake, Financial Times, 26 September 2011 

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