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The Litten Trees Film

Lighting Designers
Jason Addison, Daniella Beattie, Chuma Emembolu, Kristina Hjelm, Katy Morison, Joshua Pharo, Lizzie Powell, Jackie Shemesh
Hugo Glendinning
15 Jul - 1 Oct 2021

The Litten Trees were eight gifts to local communities around the UK: temporary light sculptures in everyday public settings that were seen by communities as they enjoyed an evening walk during the long lockdown winter just passed.

Lighting designers who in normal times would be working in our theatres were brought together to ask people to look again at the landscapes they passed each day, to see the resilience and tenacity that has been so necessary in this last year reflected in nature.

The lighting designers chose trees somewhere close to where they lived in lockdown and to which they felt an affinity. The resulting designs were a public celebration of tenacity, resilience, and optimism on the last days before the official end of winter and the easing of lockdown in March.

They are now the stars of a short film by filmmaker Hugo Glendinning.

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