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  • Project: The Race
  • Artist/Company: Gecko

“The swell of physical energy is explosive” The Independent on Sunday

One man is on a collision course with his future, sprinting to the most important moment of his life. But will he be ready?

Numbed by the ordinary world, an extraordinary worls is upon him. How can a man prepare to meet his first child? Something so beautiful and yet so shocking. What will he feel the moment he sees his child's eyes?

Visually stunning and astoundingly athlectic, barely pausing for breath the show chronicles a man trying to reconnect his feelings and truly live. The Race, the second production by this new and highly creative British company, is a whirl of masterful movement, vivid colour and emotive music.

Creative Team

Directors: Amit Lahav and Al Nedjari

Original performers and devisors: Sachi Kimura, James Flynn, Amit Lahav, Katherine Markee, Al Nedjari

Past Performers: Natalie Ayton

Current Performers: James Flynn, Delphine Gaborit, Amit Lahav, Katherine Markee, Al Nedjari

With thanks to: Luis Santiago, George Lamb, Teo-Wa Vuong, Dave Price, Helen Bagett, Will Gaines, Mishka Henna, Joe Coella, Laura Cubbitt, Sachi Kimura, and Kim Voisey-Youldon for their work on the first phase of the project, and Elisa Laghi for her work on the second phase.

Photography: Sheila Burnett, Neil Hanna, Simon Alexander

Co-commisioned by BAC, Warwick Arts Centre, and South Hill Park Bracknell.

Supported by Komedia Brighton and the London International Mime Festival.

Developed and the National Theatre Studio.

Funded by Arts Council England.

Technical Team

Lighting Designer: Kristina Hjelm

Costume Designer: Ellan Parry

Prop Designer: Torben Schact

Rigging Consultan: Jamie Ogilvie

Rehearsal assistant and stage manager : Liam Jarvis

Stage Manager: Joseph White

Critical Accaim for The Race

"It is good, it is really good indeed, and it is a physical as theatre can possibly be without becoming dance. A bewilderingly inventive young company. Tantalising raw new theatre." Time Out Critics' Choice

"They realise the twin themes of birth or re-birth, and survival with plenty of physical zip. Packed with novel ideas and a bouncy energy." The Times

"wondrous theatre" Metro ****

"The production is a bracing reminder that you don't nee a Broadway budget to suprise the eye and tickle the funny bone with stage craft." New York Times

"Invigorating and infectious dance numbers and comic bits dazzle with verve and precision. The Race  is fast and fun; you can't take your eyes of it." Time Out New York

Total Theatre Award Winners 2005

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