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The Show’s the Thing

Created by
Ged Barry
Directed by
David Harradine
Lighting by
Jo Manser
24 Jul - 29 Jul 2006
Ged Barry

Fuel presents The Show’s the Thing

Behind the grand façade of Alexandra Palace an empty Victorian theatre stands forgotten. And for seventy years, a show has been waiting. Waiting for you.

You arrive alone. You enter in darkness. In silence. An extraordinary experience begins.

The Show’s the Thing was an installation of light and sound in which the theatre itself was the only performer, and it performed for an audience of one.

This installation breathed life into the forgotten spaces of a London landmark. The Show’s the Thing was inspired by the history, architecture, sonic structure and state of disrepair of the theatre at Alexandra Palace – the echoing acoustics, the spine-chilling temperature, the lingering other-worldliness and innate theatricality of the building.


"“It’s like being in Alice in Wonderland." "

The Observer

""This is a special performance. It's chilling and disorientating, yet strangely exhilarating. Weird and rather wonderful, The Show's The Thing's a gem." "


"“Spine-tingling sound effects and phantasmagorical lighting.” "

The Telegraph

""Simultaneously beautiful and frightening, Harradine and co's installation is an experience to cherish." "

The Wire

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