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The Simple Things in Life: Salander

Created by
Lemn Sissay
Commissioned and produced by
28 Nov - 1 Dec 2013
Lemn Sissay

Created by Lemn Sissay 

Walk into Salander one person at a time, alone, and click. The door shuts behind and the journey begins into the inner world of Salander, an installation where words perform. 

In Salander, poems came to life to the soundtrack of Gorecki’s Symphony No.3 Op.36, inspired by the words of a girl written on the walls of a Gestapo cell. The words were inside, in Salander. It’s just you and them. Shine your light and they will shine. 

Created by award-winning poet Lemn Sissay in collaboration with young people in care or who have been in care, in a project produced by Fuel and Roundhouse, and named after Lisbeth Salander, the dark heroine of The Millennium Series who was also a care leaver. 

Salander was the sixth experience commissioned by Fuel to celebrate The Simple Things in Life. Each performance or installation was created in a garden shed, and the project toured to venues and festivals including Latitude and the Edinburgh Fringe. 


Funded by the Clore Duffield Foundation through its Clore Poetry and Literature Awards. Part of The Simple Things in Life, an idea produced by Fuel, and originally funded by Arts Council England. 

"We are aware of being in the grip of a master of the spoken word and a highly charismatic performer."

Metro (on Something Dark) 

ABB73C5B-A51C-4932-BDF3-C60C9D79146A Created with sketchtool.

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