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The Situation Room: Prejudice & Perception

8 Dec 2016

Fuel presents The Situation Room: Prejudice & Perception

The situation room has always existed. This isn’t the first time. The room is not new. It’s an old place.

The Situation Room is a place for audiences, artists, and researchers to talk about the big issues, to meet other minds, and to be entertained.

It is a place for you.

In an effort to better understand some of the fractures in our society, Fuel brought together a gathering of creative and academic minds for an evening of conversation, performance, comedy, installation, and live music, all woven together by the theme of Prejudice & Perception. 

Hosted by Nic Green (Trilogy), with performances, discussions, and responses from Jess Thom (Tourettes Hero), Phoebe Davies (Bedfellows: Sex Re-Education), Manos Tsakiris (Royal Holloway and the Warburg Institute), Chardine Taylor-Stone (Black Girls Picnic), Melanie Wilson (Opera for the Unknown Woman), Lasana Harris (UCL), Magda Osman (QMUL), live scribing from Hawk & Mouse, music from Big Joanie and Roundhouse Resident Artist Jay Johnson.


Supported by The Wellcome Trust and Arts Council England.

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