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The Unsung

Uninvited Guests
Presented by
22 Jun - 23 Jun 2013
Uninvited Guests

Fuel presents Uninvited Guests’ The Unsung 

As part of the 2013 Greenwich & Docklands International Festival, Uninvited Guests invited audiences to remember the local heroes of Greenwich and beyond. The Unsung allowed audiences to drop by the marquee in Greenwich Park and tell Uninvited Guests about someone they would like to honour, whose life or deeds they wanted to commemorate.  

This was a chance to propose a temporary memorial for their favourite teacher or forgotten aunt and add to a beautiful collection of sculptures in Greenwich Park. 

On Sunday 23 June at 5pm there was a short celebratory procession between the impromptu memorials to unsung heroes, both lost and living. 

Uninvited Guests dedicated these public monuments to those chosen by the audiences, and marked their acts of kindness with a story, a gesture of remembrance, a song, or a tune. 

Uninvited Guests’ shrines were temporary but will live on in your memories like the people and events they celebrated.  

The Unsung was part of a research and development project between GDIF and Uninvited Guests. 


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